Welcome to The Pancake Bakery

The Pancake Bakery began as a small pancake restaurant with a basic menu. In 1980, the owner (still the present owner today) introduced several changes which made The Pancake Bakery what it is today: a world-known pancake restaurant loved by all.

Several characteristics of the restaurant are, for example, the open kitchen, the famous "international" pancakes whose ingredients are based on various dishes from all over the world, and the pots of real syrup on each table which guests can generously help themselves to!

In other words, there are few restaurants where such a diversity in customers can be found, and where children, as well, will feel quickly at home.

You are welcome to enjoy a quick and affordable meal, as well as a complete dinner. Our personnel always ensure a hospitable reception.




The Pancake Bakery
Prinsengracht 191
1015 DS Amsterdam
tel. 0031 20 625 13 33