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3 days ago

The Pancake Bakery

❄️Who was in Amsterdam last week? Have you ever seen anything more pretty then the city covered in snow ❄️ It was a little harder to get around on the bikes, but it was all worth it ❄️ ... See MoreSee Less


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After how many years city got this snow ??? And in future when it will be snow again?

Dramatic and beautiful.

Christina Pürstl .. Beste pancakes Ever ! 💟

I was and it was spectacular. I also ate at The Pancake Bakery and it was delicious as favorite!

Conor Hennessy sooo pretty

Daniel Michael

Niklas Reinhardt

Kieren Read

The pics certainly display a lovely sight, but your pancakes on a plate just pip it...

Ik herken wat foto’s 😉

Ja daar moeten we ook weer eens heen 😀

pra proxima vamos c neve Joana Luta


Bashar Ali

Chloé Woodward here!!!

Silvia ojo

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2 weeks ago

The Pancake Bakery

Yesterday the Amsterdam Light Festival started ✨ Every year the most beautiful light art pieces are shown around the canals of Amsterdam ✨ You can go by foot to see all of them ( for the low-budget travelers, because this is free) but the best way to go around is definitely by boat! ✨ The most well known company is Lovers ( from Central Station) but there are many more companies that organize the light tour ✨
Have fun and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @thepancakebakery✨
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Comment on Facebook super nice video 👌🏽

Experienced this a couple of years ago and it was just beautiful ✨❤️ One of my all time favourite city #Amsterdam 🙌🏼❤️

SvePe Peke pannekoek en lichtjes kijken

Terri Anniss next year xx

Mindy Donovan Erika Marsh Pitman

Harriet Skidmore FYI and also go to the Pancake Bakery for the best hugest pancakes!

Visited last year and everything was so beautiful!! That was a "bucket list" trip for me!!

Lance Marlow we should go back during the holidays!

Evan van Dun next time, we’re going for this!

Aletia Gilbert and Janique Tara wanna go back....👍🏾👀🎉

Shall we go back to see this Darren, Karen & Andrew 🤗✨✨🎄

Daniel Ham I want to be there now!

Peter Marshall have to go again lol

Wonderful experience 😍😍😍

Wania Lemos colocaram as luzes em Amsterdam.

Joakim Kindvall dehär vill jag uppleva!!


Frank Veldhuis I wanna go

Jade Danielle Jade Myatt 😍😍


Geraldine O'Sullivan Brid Moriarty😀😀

Charlotte Raitt

Claire Wood Alison McDonnell

Emma Bissenden

Marissa Truter

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4 weeks ago

The Pancake Bakery

🌱We’re very excited to share with you that from today, we also serve vegan pancakes 🌱 We noticed that more and more people asked for vegan options, and also of course we like to contribute to a healthier world 🌱 After some research we came up with the vegan pancake with tomato, onions and mushrooms, served with vegan pesto. For the sweet option we thought banana, walnuts and maple syrup would be a good idea 🌱 Please comment below or on our Instagram @thepancakebakery for suggestions! ... See MoreSee Less


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The pancake bakery is always a good idea 😍😍😍

Nou hij was weer lekker hoor die pannenkoek vanmorgen 😁😁😁😁

Ruth Fraser...this place is ammaaaazing! We'll have to go!

Super !! Lots of suggestions are coming in I'm sure !!

Delicious! I will be there in 3 weeks to try. Excited!!

Liam Freeman I would go back to Amsterdam just for this 😂

Best pancakes in Amsterdam 👍👍👍

Ik wist dat je hm zou toevoegen, heel goed!

Rosa wanneer hier weer eten

Emily Huxtable time for a visit?..

Wendy Van Den Berg 🤤🤤🤤 en navidad vamos!!!!

Terri Anniss in Amsterdam x

Mrs Savory Eunice Kyei-Donkor

Emmy Walsh xx

Dominic Sinacola 🥞👍

Sarah Hilsum-White

Gabrielle Evans

Maria Louise Roberts

Tara Mahovetz the world is changing!!!

Amma Bamma we need to go back soon! 😉

Daisy Sky Ginesi. Go here it’s sooooo good!!

Do vegans eat eggs?

We can go to Amdam now 😊😂 Lisa O'Kane

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1 month ago

The Pancake Bakery

🌟This Thursday on the 16th of November, there will be the grand opening of the Holiday season 🌟 It starts at 18:30 at the Dam Square. 🌟

For an impression, check this out:

Turn on the Lights

Uit in Amsterdam
Eindelijk is het zo ver: aanstaande donderdag 16 november wordt op de Dam vanaf 18:30 uur het feestseizoen in Amsterdam weer geopend met het prachtige 'Turn on the Lights', dat in 2017 alweer tien jaar bestaat!'
... See MoreSee Less


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I cant wait to see the lights AND visit The Pancake Bakery when I am in amsterdam in 3 weeks! Delicious!!!!

Fernando Aragon Manjarres

I have been to the Pancake Bakery each time I have been in Amsterdam! Great place!

Glen Tina M. Reena Vijay why aren't we there!?! 😧

Cuando es esto Ernesto Kbal?

Dana Malas Lara Abas Rima Abas

Mafalda Liliana Bruno Armindo Macedo

Renato Boatto D'Onofrio

Mohsin Naqvi

Sabii Crvena

Daniela Villegas

Mark Penman

Yaacoub Elias

Ibtissam BO oh dit was het dus AHHAAHAHAHAHAHA

hoy fue

Gemma Yilmaz this is what i was talking about. Gutter it happens 2days before we arrive!!! x

Sara, Joana, podiamos ter ido uma semanita mais tarde ;P

Mizrachi Ariel Jei Jonnais Kbal Kneepkens

Claudia Neuhaus-Looij,Barry Sebastiaan Neuhaus, Zin om te gaan??

Lidija Jakovac Tina Kotrle Sabina Šeško Laj gremo pogledat👀😊

Carlos Mendonça

Mohammad Hatahet


Bassel Deeb

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1 month ago

The Pancake Bakery

Safety first! Today our crew went on an annual safety course to make sure all the guests are in good hands @thepancakebakery! After a day full of classes and excersises we are proud to say we all passed 💪🏽 ... See MoreSee Less


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Ik voel mij al een stuk veiliger als ik maandagochtend de drank kom brengen met al die BHV ers 😁😁

uk nl


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